Accessorizing Elegance: Perfecting Your Look with a Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress and Chic Outerwear

Weddings are a symphony of colors, emotions, and styles, coming together to celebrate the union of two hearts. Among the visual highlights are the bridesmaid dresses, which complement the bride and bring a cohesive elegance to the wedding party. A popular color choice for these dresses is the rich, regal shade of burgundy—a hue that exudes both warmth and sophistication. However, as any seasoned bridesmaid knows, the question of "what to wear over a burgundy bridesmaid dress?" can be a formidable task. This article serves as a guide to effortlessly select attire that will enhance the beauty of a burgundy bridesmboho burgundy bridesmaid dresses

Understanding the Role of Outerwear in Bridesmaid Attire

Bridesmaid dresses are often chosen for their beauty and how well they fit into the wedding's theme. Still, practical considerations like weather and venue must also be considered. The right outerwear can serve as a fashionable shield against the elements or as a modest cover-up for a religious ceremony. It's about balancing aesthetic appeal and practicality, ensuring bridesmaids are comfortable and stylish.

Color Coordination

When selecting outerwear for a burgundy dress, it's essential to consider color harmony. Neutrals like black, grey, or beige are safe bets that offer a classic look. For a more bold look, choose colors that are similar on the opposing side of the color wheel, such as dark green or navy blue, to create a strong contrast without clashing. Metallics, particularly gold or bronze, can lend a touch of glam and elevate an outfit.
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Outerwear Options for Different Seasons

The season will largely dictate the type of outerwear that's appropriate for a bridesmaid.


A lightweight pashmina or chiffon shawl provides an elegant solution for warmer months. These pieces are not only practical for a slight chill but also add a touch of sophistication. Cropped jackets or boleros made of lace or light fabric can also offer coverage without overpowering the dress.


In cooler climates, bridesmaids might opt for a plush wrap or stole, providing warmth and adding a luxurious feel to the ensemble. Velvet or faux fur jackets are stylish options that offer substantial protection from the cold and can be particularly fitting for a festive winter wedding.

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Formality and Venue

The formality of the wedding should be reflected in the choice of outerwear. For black-tie events, silk or satin boleros lend a formal edge. For casual settings, a well-cut blazer might suffice. The venue also plays a role—if the event is outdoors, consider a more substantial cover-up that can handle the elements, while indoor venues might call for something lighter and more decorative.

Comfort and Practicality

Comfort is crucial, especially since bridesmaids play a significant role throughout the event. Outerwear should allow for movement and be breathable, especially for long ceremonies or dance-filled receptions. Functional aspects, such as pockets or secure closures, can be bonuses for keeping small essentials at hand. Plus size burgudy bridesmaid dresses from KOSCY ensure that every bridesmaid feels confident and beautiful, providing flattering fits and styles that celebrate every curve.
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Accessorizing the Look

Accessorizing a bridesmaid's look involves a careful balance of elements to complement the burgundy dress and chosen outerwear. When done correctly, accessories can enhance the outfit's elegance and ensure the bridesmaid feels put-together and confident throughout the wedding festivities.

Jewelry Choices

When it comes to jewelry, the goal is to complement, not overwhelm. With burgundy as the backdrop, gold tones can warm up the look, whereas silver or platinum can provide a striking contrast. Consider the neckline of the dress and the cut of the outerwear when choosing a necklace; a delicate pendant can accentuate a V-neck, while a choker or short necklace might suit a higher neckline. For dresses with more elaborate necklines or detailing, skip the necklace and opt for elegant earrings.

Earrings should be chosen with hairstyle in mind. Drop earrings or dangles can complement an updo, while studs or small hoops might be more appropriate for hair worn down. Suppose the outerwear has a high collar or embellishments around the shoulders. In that case, it's wise to avoid overly large or dangly earrings that might catch on the fabric.

Bracelets and watches should be slender and understated to avoid snagging on the dress or outerwear. A simple bangle or chain bracelet can provide a hint of refinement without becoming distracting.

Shoes and Handbags

The right shoes can make or break the comfort level of a bridesmaid. For long-standing periods, consider a lower heel or a stylish flat. The color of the shoes should either match the dress or complement the outerwear. For example, nude or metallic shoes are versatile options that can pair well with any color.

Handbags are often overlooked in bridesmaid ensembles, but they are essential for carrying personal items. A clutch or a small bag that matches or complements the outerwear is ideal. If the outerwear is simple, a clutch with sparkle or a unique texture can add an interesting visual element. For more elaborate outerwear, a sleek, unadorned clutch might be more suitable.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can add a romantic or whimsical touch to the bridesmaid's look. A simple floral clip that matches the wedding flowers can be a beautiful nod to the wedding's theme. For more formal weddings, a jeweled hairpin or comb can add a touch of elegance. If the outerwear is particularly bold or detailed, it might be best to opt for more understated hair accessories to maintain balance.
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Belts and Sashes

A belt or sash can help to define the waist while also adding texture or color to the bridesmaid dress. If the outerwear is solid, consider a belt with a subtle pattern or sparkle to add interest. Conversely, suppose the outerwear is patterned or embellished. In that case, a simple satin belt in a complementary color can provide a touch of refinement without competing for attention.

Final Touches

The final touches to the bridesmaid's look should reflect the theme and palette of the wedding. A silk scarf, a brooch, or a tasteful pin can tie the whole look together. Remember, less is often more with accessories. They should serve as an extension of the outfit and not distract from the bridesmaid's natural beauty or the cohesive look of the wedding party.

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Personal Style and Individuality

While it's essential for bridesmaids to present a unified front, there's always room for a touch of personal flair. Encourage bridesmaids to select outerwear that reflects their style—a uniqueit, embellishment, or a distinctive texture that still aligns with the wedding’s thewedding'smization options, like adding a brooch or a belt, it can also help personalize standard outerwear pieces.

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Rental vs. Purchase

Bridesmaids often face the decision of whether to rent or buy their outerwear. Renting might be an affordable choice, especially for one-time use. However, purchasing a piece allows for more extensive customization and the opportunity to re-wear the garment for other occasions. When buying, consider versatility and how the outerwear could complement different outfits in your wardrobe. In the realm of wedding fashion, KOSCY stands as a purveyor of grace and style, particularly for those who hold the honored position of bridesmaid. Recognizing the diverse needs of a bridal party, KOSCY's collection spans across various designs, including the playful yet elegant short burgundy bridesmaid dresses, which offer a contemporary twist on the traditional gown. For bridesmaids who seek comfort without compromising on style, our boho burgundy bridesmaid dresses merge the carefree bohemian vibe with the chic, polished look that a wedding commands.


Choosing what to wear over a burgundy bridesmaid dress doesn't have doesn't challenge. By considering the factors of color coordination, seasonality, formality, comfort, and personal style, you can effortlessly select a piece that complements the dress and enhances the entire bridal party's look. party'ser that the goal is to achieve a harmonious balance that honors the significance of the day while allowing individual personalities to shine through. KOSCY understands the significance of choosing the perfect burgundy bridesmaid dress, which is why we offer an exquisite collection that caters to every preference and body type.

As you stand next to the bride on her special day, your outerwear should make you feel confident, comfortable, and part of a beautiful, cohesive tableau. Whether it's the softit'spe of a summer shawl or the luxurious embrace of a faux fur stole, the right choice can elevate your burgundy bridesmaid dress to new heights of elegance.

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