Top Wedding Planners Reveal Why Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses Are Trending!

Regarding wedding fashion, the bridesmaid dresses are unique in setting the tone and complementing the bride's look. In recent years, one color has emerged as a beloved favorite among wedding planners and brides alike: Burgundy. With its deep and rich hue, Burgundy has become the go-to choice for those aiming to add sophistication and warmth to their weddings. In this article, we will talk about what do wedding planners say about burgundy bridesmaid trends?

I. The Appeal of Burgundy

Burgundy is a color that exudes a sense of luxury and comfort. It's a versatile shade that can move from a vibrant centerpiece to a subtle accent in any wedding palette. The color's popularity is partly due to its incredible ability to flatter different skin tones, making every bridesmaid look her best.

II. Why Planners Love the Burgundy Trend

When the wedding bells ring, the chosen color palette sets the stage for the ceremony. Among the myriad of colors, Burgundy has captured the hearts of those orchestrating these beautiful events. Its depth and versatility have made it a standout favorite and wedding planners are quick to share their reasons for falling in love with this regal shade.

Why Planners Love the Burgundy Trend

1. The Enduring Charm of Burgundy

Burgundy isn't just a color—it's a statement. Its rich, wine-like quality conveys a sense of luxury and opulence that is both eye-catching and enchanting. The burgundy color bridesmaid dresses have been a symbol of warmth, comfort, and depth, making it an ideal choice for a day that celebrates love and togetherness.

2. Why Planners Love the Burgundy Trend

Wedding planners are known for their meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for timeless elegance. Burgundy slips seamlessly into their vision because it is as practical as fashionable.

2.1 Versatility in Fabric and Style

Burgundy's adaptability across different fabrics is unparalleled. Whether the light, airy feel of chiffon that dances with the breeze at an outdoor summer wedding or the luxurious sheen of satin that adds a sophisticated flair to an elegant evening affair, Burgundy stands out. This chameleon-like quality allows it to fit into any wedding theme effortlessly.

2.2 A Fit for Every Venue

From the rustic charm of a barn wedding to the stately presence in a historic church, burgundy bridesmaid dresses, especially when considering burgundy plus size bridesmaid dresses, can be the common thread that ties different wedding elements together. Planners adore how this color brings a cohesive element to various wedding environments, whether enhancing the natural beauty of a vineyard setting or complementing the stained glass of a traditional venue. The inclusivity of plus size options ensures that every bridesmaid feels comfortable and looks stunning, contributing to the elegance and harmony of the wedding's aesthetic.

burgundy plus size bridesmaid dresses

2.3 Sustainability and Reusability

In an age where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, burgundy bridesmaid dresses score high for their potential to be worn beyond the wedding day. Planners and brides are conscious of choosing a dress that serves as a lasting wardrobe rather than a one-day wonder. By its nature, Burgundy is suited for other formal events, holiday parties, and even corporate functions, providing a cost-effective and eco-friendly option for bridal parties.

2.4 Flattering Across the Board

An often-overlooked aspect of choosing a bridesmaid dress color is how it will look on various skin tones. Burgundy is universally flattering, bringing out the warm undertones in the skin and offering a photogenic quality that planners and brides covet for their wedding imagery.

3. Final Thoughts on Burgundy's Popularity

Burgundy remains a steadfast choice as planners continue to curate weddings that speak to personal style and timeless elegance. Its ability to offer a universally flattering and versatile option makes it an enduring favorite in the wedding industry.

Considering the practicality and beauty of burgundy bridesmaid gowns, it's clear why wedding planners advocate for this deeply enchanting color. It's a trend that's not merely about the aesthetic; it's about creating a moment, an atmosphere, and memories that last, much like the color burgundy itself.

III. Design Variations

Today's bridesmaids have an array of burgundy gowns to choose from, including chic burgundy bridesmaid short dresses. The trend embraces everything from bohemian ruffles to sleek, modern lines. Whether the wedding calls for floor-length elegance or playful cocktail dresses, a burgundy style, such as a short dress option, completes the vision. This versatility allows for perfect attire matching the formality and setting of the event, ensuring every bridesmaid feels fashionably attuned to the day's theme.

IV. Accessorizing Burgundy Dresses

Accessories can make or break a look. For burgundy gowns, planners often recommend gold or rose gold to highlight the richness of the color. Bouquets with white, pink, or even orange pops can also complement the dresses beautifully.

Accessorizing Burgundy Dresses

V. Mix and Match Trend

A popular trend that wedding planners adore is the mix-and-match approach. Planners create a visually attractive bridal party by playing with different shades of Burgundy or combining various dress styles. This approach also makes each bridesmaid choose a dress that suits her style and body type while maintaining a cohesive look.

VI. Burgundy Across Seasons

Weddings are a symphony of color and style, and the harmony of hues chosen for bridesmaid gowns plays a crucial role in the visual concerto of the day. Among the spectrum of colors available, Burgundy has risen as the maestro's favorite, a trend-savvy wedding planner increasingly recommended for its universal appeal and year-round charisma.

1. A Color for All Seasons

With its rich and versatile palette, Burgundy has become a transcendent choice for bridesmaid gowns, charming its way through every season.

2. Spring Refresh: Burgundy in Bloom

Spring weddings are synonymous with renewal and bursts of color. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses in lighter fabrics like tulle or lace can provide a striking contrast against the soft pastels commonly associated with the season. The color adds sophistication to the natural backdrop of blooming flowers and lush greenery.

3. Summer Vibrance: Burgundy's Cool Elegance

As the summer sun brightens the skies, a burgundy gown can ground the wedding attire without overpowering it. Opting for breezy styles with off-shoulder designs or high-low hemlines keeps the look summery and light. Paired with bright bouquets or cool, neutral accessories, burgundy gowns are unexpectedly refreshing for summer ceremonies.

4. Autumn Warmth: The Quintessential Fall Shade

Fall naturally calls for the warmth and depth of Burgundy. It's the traditional season for this color, where it complements the changing leaves and offers a rich backdrop for the wedding party. In fabrics like velvet or with embellishments, burgundy bridesmaid dresses in the autumn create a cozy yet elegant aesthetic that is both timeless and on-trend.

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5. Winter Richness: Burgundy's Cozy Embrace

Winter weddings benefit from the color's ability to bring warmth to more relaxed settings. Burgundy dresses paired with faux fur stoles or elegant wraps can make a winter wedding feel more intimate and luxurious. The color also pairs beautifully with the sparkling lights and white snow, adding a depth of color that enlivens the winter palette.

6. Year-Round Versatility

The true beauty of Burgundy lies in its adaptability, not just in style but in seasonal appropriateness. Its color can be manipulated through fabric choice, accessories, and accompaniments to fit any wedding theme at any time of the year.

By embracing Burgundy for bridesmaid gowns, wedding planners can create a stylish look that takes advantage of Burgundy's rich yet adaptable nature. Regardless of the season, Burgundy is a color that can be counted on to deliver elegance, warmth, and a touch of modernity to the wedding aesthetic.

VII. Real Weddings Spotlight

Real weddings are the best source of inspiration. Seeing how other couples have incorporated Burgundy into their weddings can spark ideas. Wedding planners often showcase these examples, highlighting how the couples personalized the color to fit their unique story.

VIII. Planning Tips for Incorporating Burgundy

For brides considering burgundy, including options like burgundy modest bridesmaid dresses, planners suggest starting with fabric swatches to see how the color looks in different lights and settings. It's also essential to consider the wedding theme and venue, as these can influence how the color plays out in photos and decor. Modest dresses can provide a classic and elegant look that complements a variety of themes and venues, ensuring that each bridesmaid feels comfortable while seamlessly fitting into the wedding's aesthetic.

Planning Tips for Incorporating Burgundy


Burgundy bridesmaid gowns continue to capture the hearts of wedding parties, embodying an elegance that is both timeless and versatile. These richly hued dresses grace aisles and dance floors, creating the unforgettable experiences that every bride and bridesmaid yearns for.

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