Top 7 Stunning Hairstyle Options for a Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress!

As we approach the season of love, Valentine's Day, on February 14th, 2024, romance is not just a sentiment but a style statement. With hearts fluttering and Cupid's arrows flying, what better way to celebrate than by looking your most enchanting? Whether you're gracing the aisle as a bridesmaid in a stunning burgundy dress or preparing for a romantic evening, your hairstyle can be a beautiful expression of the day's sentiment. Here are some exquisite hairstyle options for a burgundy bridesmaid dress:

1. Romantic Soft Waves

Soft waves are the quintessence of romance and are particularly alluring with women's burgundy bridesmaid dresses. This style adds a feminine charm that's gentle yet impactful, mimicking the tender waves of love's journey. Use a wide-barrel curling iron and a touch of hairspray to keep those waves lush and voluminous throughout the day. It's a versatile style that works beautifully for a Valentine's Day ceremony or an intimate dinner under the stars.

Romantic Soft Waves

2. Blossoming Elegance: The Floral Updo

When it comes to capturing the essence of Valentine's Day within a hairstyle, nothing speaks quite as poetically as an elegant updo graced with the tender touch of florals. This style is not merely about arranging your hair; it's about weaving the very symbol of romance and growth into your look.

2.1 Why Choose a Floral Updo?

A floral updo is the perfect harmony of nature and elegance, reflecting the blooming of emotions that the day of love represents. The flowers, whether echoing the hues of your burgundy dress or contrasting them with softer pastels, add a vivid burst of life to your ensemble.

2.2 Selecting the Perfect Flowers

The key to this look is choosing the right flowers. Choose roses for their classic symbolism of love and passion or delicate peonies to represent a budding romance. Your choice of florals can be as personal as the Valentine's sentiment.

2.3 Crafting the Updo

To create your masterpiece, start by deciding on the foundation—a polished bun for a touch of classic sophistication or a softer twist for a more relaxed, romantic vibe, which pairs beautifully with boho bridesmaid dresses burgundy. Ensure hair is prepped and ready with a texturizing product to hold it and smooth the styling process.

Blossoming Elegance: The Floral Updo

2.4 Placing the Floral Accents

Once your Updo is secure, it's time to adorn it with your chosen blooms. If using fresh flowers, prepare them by trimming the stems and securing them with florist's wire. Strategically place larger flowers as focal points, then tuck in smaller blooms and greenery to fill the gaps and add texture.

2.5 The Final Touch

To finish your floral Updo, give it a gentle mist of hairspray—opt for one with a light hold to maintain the delicacy of the look. The final result is a hairstyle that's as refreshing as the morning dew and as intricate as the layers of love that Valentine's Day celebrates.

Whether you're walking down the aisle or dancing on the evening of February 14th, your floral Updo will stand as a testament to love's beauty, making it a choice for a burgundy bridesmaid dress on this day of affection. And remember, our Valentine's Day promotions are just the flourish you need to make your celebration of love as blooming and vibrant as your hairstyle.

3. Sleek Low Bun

A sleek low bun is the epitome of chic simplicity. Its style speaks volumes in its understated elegance and complements the deep, rich hue of burgundy magnificently, making it an ideal choice for bridesmaid dresses burgundy long sleeve. For this look, smooth your hair back with a fine-toothed comb and some styling gel to achieve a glossy finish. The low bun accentuates the neckline and serves as a canvas for statement earrings or a necklace, perfect for a Valentine's event.

Sleek Low Bun

4. Boho Braided Crown

Capture the whimsical essence of love with a bohemian braided crown. This hairstyle is perfect for the free-spirited bridesmaid who finds romance in the wild and the rustic. It's a playful yet chic look for an outdoor wedding or a laid-back Valentine's picnic. Braid your hair from the front and wrap it around your head like a crown, securing it with pins. It's a sweet, romantic style that will surely turn heads.

Boho Braided Crown

5. Classic Chignon with a Twist

The chignon is a timeless hairstyle, but why not add a twist on Valentine's Day? Symbolize the entwining of two hearts by incorporating a braided element or a spiraling twist into your chignon. This adds depth and intrigue to the hairstyle, much like the layers of love and companionship celebrated on this special day. A dash of hairspray will ensure your twisted chignon stays put from the vow exchange to the last dance.

Classic Chignon with a Twist

6. Voluminous Half-Up, Half-Down Style

Can't decide between having your hair up or down? The half-up, half-down style offers both worlds and is remarkably flattering with a burgundy bridesmaid dress satin. It adds volume and dimension, capturing the multifaceted nature of love. Tease the crown for extra lift, and let some tendrils frame your face for a soft, approachable look. This style is versatile and suitable for any Valentine's Day event, from a daytime affair to an evening gala.

Voluminous Half-Up, Half-Down Style

7. Bold, Loose Fishtail Braid

For the bridesmaid who loves to stand out, a loose fishtail braid is a bold choice that echoes the passion of burgundy. It's a style that symbolizes the intricate weaving of shared experiences and memories, much like those shared between loved ones. Pull the braid apart slightly for a fuller look, and let a few strands loose for a touch of whimsy. It's a stunning choice that's as unforgettable as a grand Valentine's gesture.

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Bold, Loose Fishtail Braid


As we celebrate love this Valentine's Day, let your hair reflect the beauty and warmth of the occasion. These hairstyles are tailored to complement the elegance of a burgundy bridesmaid dress and are infused with the spirit of February 14th. And remember, our unique Valentine's Day promotions at KOSCY are just around the corner, ready to make your day as splendid as your hairstyle.

At KOSCY, we understand that an exquisite dress paired with the perfect hairstyle can transform any event into a cherished memory. That's why our collection of dresses – from the ethereal charm of prom gowns to the sophisticated allure of homecoming outfits and the timeless beauty of bridesmaid dresses – are crafted to ensure you look and feel radiant on your special day. So embrace these chic looks, let your hair down (or pin it up!), and let the day's romance sweep you off your feet.

Step into love and step out in style this Valentine's Day with a hairstyle that's as captivating as your KOSCY dress. At KOSCY, we're not just dressing you for the occasion but celebrating the unforgettable moments that make life truly beautiful. Love is in the hair, and elegance is in every KOSCY gown.

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