Harmonizing Groomsmen Style with Burgundy Elegance

Weddings are a symphony of colors, feelings, and special occasions. A couple has many choices, but one that sticks out is how to coordinate the wedding party's outfits. How to match the burgundy bridesmaid dresses with the groomsmen's attire? Burgundy sets a tone of warmth and profound elegance when used for bridesmaid dresses. Because of this rich color, the groomsmen's attire should match to create a visually coherent bridal party. Let's look at how to pull off a seamless style, accentuating the chic allure of burgundy bridesmaid dresses.

Comprehending the Color Palette

Burgundy is a red-purple wine with the depth of classical elegance and the richness of a fine wine. Some variations go from lighter maroon-like hues to darker, almost chocolate-like tones. Knowing what shade of burgundy the bridesmaids will wear can help you coordinate the groomsmen's outfit.

For a timeless style, black, charcoal grey, and navy blue are complimentary hues to burgundy. Earthy colors like beige or brown might provide a more subtle contrast for an outdoor or laid-back wedding. The secret is to choose shades that complement the burgundy without drawing attention to themselves. The white floral bridesmaid dress is a good testament.

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Coordinating Pocket Squares, Bowties, and Ties

Ties and Bowties: Choose colors that go well together without overpowering when choosing ties and bowties with burgundy bridesmaid dresses. Grey, navy, and dark green options provide a classy contrast. Think about patterns like paisley or striped motifs that gently use the burgundy hue for a unified style.
Pocket Squares: An understated yet practical approach to matching the burgundy bridesmaid dresses is using pocket squares. For a traditional match, go for a solid burgundy pocket square or one with a design that combines complementing hues with hints of burgundy. With subtlety, this little piece of jewelry might match the bridesmaids' outfit to the groomsmen's style.
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Shirt Selection: Colors and Patterns

Shirt Colors: For shirts to pair with burgundy bridesmaid dresses, crisp white is a fail-safe option, providing a clean contrast that makes the burgundy stand out. Light grey is another fitting choice, offering a softer contrast while maintaining elegance. These colors ensure that the richness of burgundy remains the focal point.
Patterns and Textures: Incorporating patterns and textures into shirts adds depth to the groomsmen's attire. Consider subtle stripes or a herringbone pattern that includes a fine thread of burgundy bridesmaid dresses. These textures can provide visual interest without detracting from the wedding palette.

Suit and Tuxedo Harmony

Complementary Suit Colors: When coordinating suits with burgundy brodesmaid dresses, opt for colors like charcoal grey, navy, or even a deep chocolate brown. These shades complement the depth of burgundy and work well for various types of weddings and various seasons. For instance, suits in charcoal grey match burgundy long-sleeve bridesmaid dresses very well in autumn or winter.
Event Formality: The event's formality directly impacts suit selection. A classic black tuxedo with a burgundy tie or cummerbund is appropriate for black-tie weddings. For less formal events, a well-tailored suit in navy or grey allows for flexibility while still complementing the bridesmaids' burgundy dresses.

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Accessorizing with Sophistication

Cufflinks and Watches: Cufflinks and watches should be chosen with care. Opt for metallic tones like silver, gold, or rose gold that match other elements of the groomsmen's attire or the wedding's theme. These metals add a touch of class to the overall outfit and should be consistent across all groomsmen.
Belts and Shoes: Belts offer a chance to coordinate with the shoes or introduce a contrasting texture seamlessly. For a traditional look, match the belt with the shoe color. To make more of a statement, choose a belt in a complementary color or texture that still ties in with the wedding's color scheme.
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Footwear Considerations

Shoes should be chosen for style and comfort, as groomsmen will be on their feet for most of the day. Black shoes are a classic choice, but dark brown can complement burgundy, especially with lighter suit colors. For a unique touch, consider burgundy leather shoes, but only if they closely match the tone of the bridesmaid dress.

Socks are an opportunity for groomsmen to express their individuality. They can be a solid color drawn from the wedding palette or feature a burgundy pattern.
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Final Touches with Boutonnières and Vests

The boutonnière is directly linked to the bridal bouquet and should include a flower or element. A single bloom on the groomsman's lapel can create visual harmony if the bouquet features burgundy flowers.

When it comes to vests, consider whether you want them to blend in with the suit or stand out. A burgundy vest can look striking against a grey or navy suit, but be careful with matching it to the burgundy bridesmaid dresses; the shades should be the same to avoid a mismatched look.

Visual Consistency in Group Photos

Every groom's attire must align meticulously for group photos that exude elegance. Uniform boutonnière placement, consistent tie length, and harmonious pocket square folds are essential. This level of sartorial precision creates a unified look that enhances the overall aesthetic, ensuring that the captured moments are professional and exquisitely timeless in their presentation. Such visual consistency is the hallmark of well-planned wedding attire. It contributes significantly to the polished appearance of the wedding party in photographs.


Harmony and balance are crucial to matching the burgundy bridesmaid gowns to the groomsmen's outfits. Start by selecting suits that go well with burgundy by knowing the color scheme. Use pocket squares, bow ties, and ties to carry through the theme colors, and choose shirts that offer a muted background. Matching watches, belts, and cufflinks can be used as accessories. When selecting shoes and socks, go for comfort with a pop of color. Finishing details like vests and boutonnières should complement the bridal motif to maintain visual coherence for group shots. Groomsmen can look handsome and compliment the elegance of the bridal party with clear communication and attention to detail, making for a memorable wedding.

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