Accessorize Perfection: Glam Up Your Burgundy Bridesmaid Dress!

When it comes to wedding fashion, the bridesmaid dress is waiting to be adorned. A burgundy bridesmaid dress, with its deep and rich hue, is particularly enchanting. It's a color that exudes warmth and elegance, perfect for a palette that needs to impress without overshadowing the bride. Accessorizing such a dress is not just about adding embellishments but creating harmony between style and ceremony. Let's explore five chic ways to achieve this balance, including tips from the guide on how to accessorize a burgundy bridesmaid dress.

I. Jewelry: The Classic Sparkle

1. Choosing the Right Metal

Jewelry is not just an accessory; it's a statement that complements the bridesmaid's beauty. Burgundy, a color with depth and character, invites the warmth of gold or the sheen of silver. Gold jewelry brings out the warm tones in burgundy, creating a cohesive and prosperous look. Imagine a delicate gold necklace resting just at the collarbone, catching the light with every gentle motion. On the other hand, silver jewelry provides a striking contrast, its bright and cool hues offering a modern twist against the burgundy backdrop.

gold necklace for wedding

2. Necklaces and Earrings: A Harmonious Pairing

For a dress with a V-neck, the necklace becomes a centerpiece, a solitary gem, or an intricate gold filigree pendant that can draw attention to the face and create a vertical line that elongates the body. With a strapless gown, the shoulders become a stage for adornment. Here, chandelier earrings can dance with sparkle, framing the face and adding movement to the ensemble.

3. Subtle Touches for the Minimalist

Not every bridesmaid wants to dazzle with bold pieces. For those who lean towards understated elegance, minimalism in jewelry can speak volumes. A slender bangle with a hint of gold or silver can whisper sophistication, while small, tasteful studs—perhaps with a burgundy stone to match the dress—offer just a glimmer of interest without taking center stage, including burgundy bridesmaid dresses satin. The satin fabric of these dresses adds a touch of luxury and sheen, elevating the overall aesthetic. The smooth and lustrous texture of satin pairs beautifully with delicate and minimalist jewelry, allowing the focus to remain on the beauty of the dress itself. By choosing subtle and refined jewelry, bridesmaids wearing burgundy satin dresses can achieve a timeless and elegant look, exuding a sense of grace and sophistication.

4. Bracelets and Rings: The Finishing Touch

To complete the look, consider a bracelet. A delicate gold chain bracelet can be just the finishing touch needed, especially if the dress has short sleeves or is sleeveless. Rings can be tricky; they should not distract but rather complement. A simple band or a ring with a small stone can add continuity to the theme without overwhelming the hands.

By selecting the right jewelry, a bridesmaid can enhance the inherent beauty of a burgundy gown, ensuring that she feels confident as she accompanies the bride on her special day.

II. Footwear: Step Up in Style

Choosing heels and flats often comes down to the venue and personal comfort. Heels elevate posture and lend an air of formality, but flats can be a blessing for outdoor weddings where heels might sink into the ground. As for color, nude or champagne heels can elongate the legs, whereas deep navy or black flats offer a grounding effect.

Footwear: Step Up in Style

III. Hair Accessories: Crowning Glory

1. Elevating Updos with Pins and Clips

The right hair accessory can transform an updo from simple to stunning. Pearl or crystal hairpins secure stray hairs and catch the light, adding a subtle shimmer that complements the burgundy color bridesmaid dresses. They can be strategically placed to make the hairstyle's shape and volume or to add a focal point to more understated hairdos. Similarly, decorative hair clips can serve as an anchor for a twist or bun, adding both function and flair.

2. Bohemian Vibes with Headbands and Flower Crowns

For a touch of whimsy and romance, nothing speaks to the bohemian spirit like a flower crown or headband. This style is particularly fitting for outdoor or rustic weddings. Choose flowers that complement the dress and the overall wedding color scheme—whites, creams, and greens can create a soft contrast, while deep reds intensify the burgundy's richness. Intertwining the flowers with greenery adds natural elegance and beautifully frames any hairstyle.

3. Tiaras and Combs: Regal Elegance

A tiara or decorative comb can add a regal touch to the bridal party. When selecting a tiara, consider the dress's neckline and the hairstyle. A low bun or half-up hairdo pairs exquisitely with a small, delicate tiara that adds height without overwhelming. A decorative comb can be versatile, quickly slipped into a French twist, or used to pin back one side of a looser, more flowing hairstyle.

Tiaras and Combs: Regal Elegance

4. Ribbons and Fabric Accents: Soft and Subtle

Ribbons and soft fabric accents offer a unique way to accessorize. A velvet ribbon tied around a ponytail or woven through a braid can echo the texture and color of the burgundy dress, creating a cohesive and elegant look. Choose a ribbon in a similar shade for a monochromatic effect, or opt for a contrasting color to make a statement.

5. The Finishing Touch: Veils and Birdcages

Consider a birdcage veil if the wedding has a traditional or vintage theme. This accessory can add a touch of mystery and sophistication, and when paired with a burgundy dress, it can genuinely make the bridesmaid's ensemble stand out. A simple veil can also add a layer of tradition and formality to the occasion, bridging the gap between modern and classic.

Hair accessories are not just decorative—they can express personality and complement the wedding theme. Whether choosing something understated like a ribbon or something more statement-making like a tiara, the goal is to enhance the beauty of the bridesmaid and the elegance of the burgundy dress she wears with pride, including boho burgundy bridesmaid dresses. The boho style has gained popularity in recent years, offering a free-spirited and romantic vibe that perfectly complements the rich hue of burgundy. Incorporating boho-inspired hair accessories such as floral crowns, delicate hair vines, or braided headbands can add a touch of whimsy and bohemian charm to the overall look. These accessories effortlessly blend with the boho burgundy bridesmaid dresses, creating an enchanting and ethereal aesthetic that captures the essence of a bohemian-inspired wedding.

Hair accessories

IV. Wigs: Transformative Elegance

Wigs might not be the first accessory to come to mind, but they offer a world of possibilities. An adequately chosen wig can elevate your look, adding volume, length, or even a daring new color. The key is to find a wig that harmonizes with the dress and suits your natural coloring. A soft brunette or auburn wig can complement the burgundy without competing with it. Styling your wig in loose waves or an elegant updo can mirror the sophistication of the dress. Remember, comfort is crucial, so ensure your wig fits well and feels secure.

V. Clutches and Handbags: Carry in Style

A clutch is both practical and stylish. It should be large enough to hold essentials but small enough not to detract from the dress. Choosing a clutch in a matte black can offer a classic look, while one with embellishments might echo the sparkle of your jewelry. Textured clutches, such as those with satin or velvet finishes, can add an interesting visual element.


Accessorizing a burgundy bridesmaid dress is all about balance and personal style. Whether you opt for the glint of jewelry, the comfort of stylish footwear, the allure of hair accessories, the transformative power of wigs, or the convenience of a chic clutch, remember that your choices should reflect the occasion and your individuality. Accessories should complement the dress and contribute to the joy and celebration of the special day.

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